Saturday, July 28, 2012
its crazy people say weed is so bad and it causes lung cancer but it actually helps you reduce tumor size because cigarettes cause cancer because tobacco is radiated and marijuana isnt not only does it help prevent lung breast and cerebral cancer but the thc helps prevent deposits in the brain which can lead to Alzheimer, it helps patients who have irritable bowel syndrome because it combats their nausea and diarrhea it is a great and safe alternative to Ritalin which actually does way more harm to A.D.D patients than weed does helps prevent seizures because it is a natural muscle relaxant, it helps patients of multiple sclerosis live a normal life by blocking muscle spasms and neurological symptoms that come with that disease it helps treat glaucoma and migraines it improves appetite it sedates the user making them completely harmless almost every scientist or philosopher who have made a great contribution to mankind did it while stoned you name it we probably have it because of one of the people society has deemed useless because of their marijuana use everything from the mapping of human genome to duplicating dna and even creating the atom bomb have come from smoking weed so remind me again why this shit is illegal? Harold (


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